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Oily Scalp Treatment

Oily Scalp Treatment

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Purify, revitalize, and rebalance an oily scalp with Oily Scalp Treatment. This five-minute pre-cleansing treatment is infused with a powerful blend of natural ingredients and essential oils, including ginger root, lavender, and argan oil to purify and detoxify impurities, plus biotin peptides to help promote scalp stimulation. It helps to control scalp oils, sweat, and buildup and protect against future outbreaks and imbalances, leaving hair balanced, healthy-looking, and lustrous. Features a natural aroma with a deeply relaxing ginger root and lavender blend.

In a consumer perception study conducted on 50 respondents, after just 2 weeks:

  • 96% said hair was less weighed down by grease, oils, and residue
  • 94% said scalp felt less oily
  • 92% said scalp comfort was enhanced over time
  • 90% said scalp felt deeply cleansed
  • 88% said scalp felt revitalized