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Jenn (Elite Hair Designer)

Jenn Shantry Hair Designer

Began Styling:

Influences And Inspirations:
I'm influenced by colours in nature, history and re creating classic styles. 

Favorite Hair Types:
I love curls, texture in hair, if its natural or created with hot tools. I also have  a soft spot for sleek geometric styles.

Most Valuable Tool: 
My imagination, my understanding of structure, which all helps with design. Whether it is cutting or colour.

Favorite Technique: 
Colour melting and texturizing.

Most Admired Hairstylist: 
Kathy Simons- Mekka creator.
Rossa Jurenas
Vidal sassoon.

Favorite Product: 
Moroccanoil Treatment, It is the foundation for all other products.

Greatest Achievements:
- Following my dream to be a stylist, then attaining my goal of being a teacher of hair-styling. 
- Achieving my Colour Masters and working with my most admired hairstylists in the industry towards Mekka master stylist.

What My Clients Say About Me:
I always have a plan for each service using the skillset I have learned in my trainings