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Spray Tanning in Newmarket & East Gwillimbury

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Introducing our new and highly sought-after service at Tangles Hair Salon & Spa! The customized Sunna spray tan is designed to provide you with a flawless, natural-looking glow while prioritizing your health and well-being.

We understand the importance of using products that are both vegan and cruelty-free, which is why we have carefully chosen a sunless tanning solution that aligns with these values. Our spray tan solution contains natural and organic ingredients that are paraben-free and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

To ensure your skin stays moisturized and nourished, we have included hydrating ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Additionally, our formula is free from systemic dyes, ensuring that you won't experience any unpleasant clothing or sheet stains.

Rest assured that our exclusive all-natural tanning formula is tailored to work with your unique skin tone, resulting in a truly customized and radiant tan. When you look in the mirror, you'll be delighted to see your glowing skin, enhancing your overall appearance. Spray tanning will allow you achieve a bronze glow all year round without the health risks associated with tanning beds.
For the best possible results, we recommend exfoliating your skin prior to your appointment. This will help to remove any dead skin cells and ensure an even application of the spray tan. During your consultation with our skilled aesthetician, you will discuss your expectations and desired depth of tan. They will also provide you with information about when it's appropriate to shower after your tan. Bring a dark coloured bikini or wear our disposable options.

If you plan on undergoing any hair removal treatments, we recommend completing them before your spray tan appointment. After your tan, remember to moisturize your skin daily to prolong the longevity of your tan. On average, you can expect your tan to last between 7 to 10 days, ensuring that you continue to enjoy your beautiful, sun-kissed complexion. We will send you home with appropriate after care instructions and reccomended maintenance products to extend your tan.
Experience the ultimate in custom spray tanning at Tangles Hair Salon & Spa. Book your appointment today and get ready to shine with confidence and radiance! Book a single spray tan or purchase a package for best value.

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