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Hair Removal/Waxing in Newmarket & East Gwillimbury

Hair removal using the latest products and techniques.
Includes: Consultation, Pre-epilation ice gel, waxing service, and post-epilation almond smoothing oil.

Please Note: Waxing Services may not be performed on clients using ACCUTANE, RETINOL, and/or prescription medications.

Eyebrow Sculpt and Shaped - $18

Haven't had your eyebrows sculpted or shaped in a while, maybe ever? This service is for you! Eyes are the window to the soul and eyebrows are the frame. Let our experts customize the shape just for you

Upper Lip - $12

Remove hair, and or fuzz that appears on the upper lip.

Chin - 12

Removes the hair, and or fuzz that appears on the chin.

Full Face (Eyebrows, Chin, Lip, Sideburns) - $30

Focus on the whole face, and remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows, lip, chin, and along the side of the face (sideburns)

Chest - $50

Removes unwanted hair on the chest where you want to be smooth.

Back - $60

Remove unwanted hair all over the back.

Chest and Back - $95

Save $9 when you combine your chest and back wax!

Under Arms - $20

Wax is placed where the hair lays underneath the arms. Once removed, you can go longer without having it done again.

Half Arms - $30

Remove the hair that grows on forearm arm, leaving them soft and smooth.

Full Arms - $35

Removes all of the hair on your arms.

Half Leg - $40

Remove the hair that grows on and around your calves and ankles.

Full Leg - $55

Remove all of the hair that grows on your legs.

Bikini Line - $25

Removes that hair just below the bikini line.

Extended Bikini Line - $37

Takes a little more hair off, leaving the desired amount behind.

Brazilian - $60

Remove all the hair where a bikini covers, leaving nothing behind!