Ria (Esthetician)


T: 10-4
T: 10-8
F: 9-5
S: 9-4


Began In The Beauty Industry:


Influences And Inspirations:

   The latest nail trends, and seeing the amazing art people can create on a tiny finger nail!

Most Valuable Tool:

   Cuticle pusher, Nail file.

Favourite Service: 

   Manicures, any designs that give me a challenge, or are unique to somepones personality.

Most Admired Esthetician:

   Jan Arnold

Favourite Product: 

    Hempz hand lotion, and Cuticle oil.

Greatest Achievements:

   Every Client I gain, and every design that I put on my clients nails that put a smile on thier face.

What My Clients Say About Me:

   I'm very kind and a hard worker.