Sharon Bates (Elite Hair Designer/Owner)

 Sharon Bates
Elite Hair Designer/Owner

My Regular Hours:

M - N/A
T -  4pm - 8pm
W - N/A
T - 11am-4pm
F - 11am - 4pm
S - 10am - 4pm
S - N/A

My E-Mail:

Opened Tangles:
In 2003!

Influences And Inspirations:
- Winn Claybaugh, he has been the owner of hair salons and beauty academies since 1983 he is a motivational speaker  
- My dad is a huge influence to me, showing me the ropes on owning my own business
- I have 11 family members who have been entrepreneurs 

Favorite Hair Types: 
Virgin Hair - So I have a blank canvas !

Most Valuable Tool: 
Double swivel thumb shears.

Favorite Technique:
Diamond Star Halo, a classic cutting pattern! (Ill always have it in my back pocket)

Most Admired Hairstylist: 
- Robert Cromeans
- Irvine Rusk

Favorite Product: 
Moroccan Oil Treatment  has changed the beauty industry !

Greatest Achievements: 
- Winning a Contessa at the Canadian Hairdresser of the Year awards
- Receiving a Queen Jubilee was a huge honor
- Celebrating all of Tangles milestones 

What My Clients Say About Me:
Clients often ask if they can bottle my energy. I'm a go getter