Sharon Bates (Elite Hair Designer/Owner)

 Sharon Bates
Elite Hair Designer/Owner


T:  11-8
W: 11-8
T:  11-5
F:  11-5
S: 10-4

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About Me:

I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser and own my own salon. There is something very special about making someone look and feel their best. I was 19 when Tangles opened in 2003 and since then it has grown year after year. Tangles is an award-winning community salon known for giving back. I believe in delivering quality beauty services to our guests. I have continued to upgrade my education with industry-focused courses and training both on beauty techniques and management. Such as earning a certificate in spa management and hair colour master program. I encourage the team to upgrade themselves and provide programs for them to excel. The team gets to travel for educational experiences in Toronto, New York, and Paris for training, photoshoots, and competitions.

My specialty is solving beauty challenges particularly working with grey hair.  Helping clients choose to "blend it, cover it, or go with it". I can help with the choices and give many options. Hair colour needs to suit a client's personality, time commitments, and lifestyle.  Check out the blog section on the Tangles website for my beauty tips and tricks!
Personally, I have a passion for giving back to the community. I host and organize a women’s trade show called The East Gwillimbury Women’s show. The event has been a huge success in showcasing women’s business but also over the years  $100,000.00 has been donated to Southlake Hospital Cancer Centre.
I am also currently a monthly writer in a column called “ Who Gives….. East Gwillimbury?” Focusing on people, who give back to the community, in a local publication called The Bulletin.
I have a high energy level to balance family life along with business and the business of giving back.

Influences And Inspirations:
- Winn Claybaugh, he has been the owner of hair salons and beauty academies since 1983 he is a motivational speaker  
- My dad is a huge influence to me, showing me the ropes on owning my own business
- I have 11 family members that are entrepreneurs 

Favorite Hair Types: 
Virgin Hair - So I have a blank canvas !

Most Valuable Tool: 
Double swivel thumb shears.

Favorite Technique:
Diamond Star Halo, a classic cutting pattern! (I'll always have it in my back pocket)

Most Admired Hairstylist: 
- Robert Cromeans
- Irvine Rusk

Favorite Product: 
Moroccan Oil Treatment  has changed the beauty industry !

Greatest Achievements: 
- Winning a Contessa at the Canadian Hairdresser of the Year awards
- Receiving a Queen Jubilee was a huge honour
- Celebrating all of Tangles milestones 

What My Clients Say About Me:
Clients often ask if they can bottle my energy. I'm a go getter!!