Spray Tanning

Spray tanning will allow you achieve a bronze glow all year round without the health risks associated with tanning beds.

The process is simple. Bring a dark coloured bikini or wear our disposable options. Prior to your appointment exfoliate your entire body focussing on elbows and knees. You will have a consultation with our staff about the depth of colour, reason for tanning and, care instructions. 

A thin mist is sprayed onto the desired areas of skin, and the skin turns a natural-looking shade of tan

At Tangles we love the brand FakeBake because of it's flawless application, high-quality ingredients and gorgeous final glow.

FakeBake: Thanks to it's patented self-tanning formula that works with every skin tone and skin type to produce a natural-looking, radiant glow, we've become a leader in at-home tanning. This formula enhances your skin's own pigments to produce a beautiful tan that's never has that orange fake tan tint. Instead, you get natural glow without the use of any harsh chemicals on your skin.