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What is “Maskne” and what can we do to eliminate it?

What is “Maskne” and what can we do to eliminate it?

“Maskne” is the new hot topic in the beauty industry. It is acne in areas of their face that a mask covers, jaw line, around lips, and chin.

As we all know here in York Region and well, most of Ontario masks are mandated to be worn in all public spaces. If you’re finding your skin is irritated, red or, full of breakouts keep reading …….

If you’re using a medical grade mask, make sure you toss it after each use. Some people need more then 1 per day and, if it gets at all wet it needs to be replaced as water weakens its effectiveness. I’ve seen some disposable masks that are labeled antibacterial witch can be helpful. Most disposable masks are made of polypropylene or polyester. 

With a reusable mask, wash it before you wear it no matter what fabric it is. Just like a new shirt that you bring home from the store, wash it before you wear it. We don’t know who has touched it and what chemicals it may have been in contact with. Right now, you can purchase a mask from anywhere online, at almost every retailer and even at your neighborhood corner store. You can get them in a variety of styles and fun patterns. I will link a few of my favorites below. Look for fabrics like cotton and bamboo as those are going to be the best for your skin. Those fabrics tend to be breathable and allow more air flow. After a day of use make sure you toss it in the wash. Just like your pillowcase, you will be shedding skin cells and debris will be on the fabric. So, wash it and start with a fresh mask the next day!

Treat your skin kindly. It’s easy to forget to drink water when your mask is blocking your mouth but it is so important to get enough water each day. This is a great link that shows how much water you require in a day  Healthline  wellness website. The article also says that drinking enough water can help keep your skin hydrated and prevent acne.  If your finding more breakouts, then usual try

Eminence Organic Skin Care "Probiotic Cleaner"- This cleaner has clarifying and cooling properties, while cleaning the skin leaving your skin calm and improves blemishes

Eminence Organic Skin Care "Mangosteen Cleanser" – has a built-in exfoliator to remove buildup that causes clogged pores and breakouts. This is my personal all-time favourite cleaner I love the refreshing fragrance and 2 in 1 regime.

Masque (the product not the face covering) and serums are like medicine on the skin. I would choose:

Eminence Organic Skin Care "Mushroom Masque" - It improves the skins own natural barrier and, the clay base removes impurities. If you’re a go go go person like me you may want to try night masqueing. After I cleanse my face just before bed, I put a very thin layer of the masque and let it absorb in my skin before hitting the pillow. In the morning I rinse, and my skin feels fresh and ready to take on the day!

For a serum I would pick Eminence Organic Skin Care "Facial Recovery Oil" or Eminence Organic Skin Care "Citrus and Kale C+E Serum".

Darlene Maillet, Sales and Education Manager for Eminence Organic Skin Care says “Citrus and Kale C+E Serum is a MUST to physically protect the skin while under the mask from un--circulated air"

Facial Recovery Oil is a can’t live without product and is a top seller at Tangles. It is very healing for any irritated skin under the mask. A main ingredient Clary Sage Oil balances oil production and calms the skin. It would be a wise idea to visit Tangles or your local spa and book a skincare consult. That way an aesthetician can go over you daily routine and make recommendations based on your skin type and concerns.

For most people, the last 4 months have been extremely stressful dealing with the Covid situation. The stress can show up in your skin. So, while you’re at the spa book a facial not only will that help you relax it will treat any skin challenges you are having due to the mask.

My favourite mask that I have tested is from Unbelts. They are a fun Canadian company that usually sells belts to keep your pant up! They have transitioned their manufacturing to make masks. The company is socially and environmentally responsible, and you can read all about their story on the web site.  Their masks are 100% cotton exterior, organic cotton lined.  Has a pocket if you desire a filter in your mask, and is really great super stretchy and fun coloured band that goes around your head not ears.  They have fun colours and a variety of sizes from kids to large adult and currently have a collection called Canadian tuxedo. I told you this was a fun company! If you have to wear a mask may as well have fun while wearing it. I found them very comfortable and they stay put all day because of the small wire in the noise. They are sold in a pack of 3 and that’s great because you don’t need to do laundry everyday to have a fresh mask. I ordered a bunch of different straps in different colours to have fun with.

Moji  Calling all fashionistas this company has a pattern for everyone! Based out of Toronto and recently featured on CBC, CityTv and, Chatelain they are leading the way in fashionable masks. 100% cotton breathable mask available in adult and kids sizes as well as different styles.  The web site says “hand made with love from local Toronto seamstresses made by Canadians for Canadians! They have so so many patterns to choose from – that’s good because you need more than one, and be honest, it’s difficult to choose just 1. Most of the patterns are reversable so kind of like a 2 in 1 with a different colour or pattern on the opposite side. They even have matching hair scrunchies to the mask what could be better than that?

I hope you enjoyed my thought on your skin in our new reality wearing a mask. Eminence Organic Products can be purchased on Tangles Hair Salon & Spa website

You may also want to explore the Eminence Organic Skin Care website and check out the product recommendation tool 

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