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Psst... Nails Don't Need To Breathe!

A manicure is more than pretty painted nails. For some, a manicure can be for a variety of health reasons. I can’t even tell you how many times people have told me that a gel manicure has ruined their nails. Or, they’ll never get enhancements because their nails are ruined. I’m here to tell you - go somewhere else. 

Done properly, a gel manicure can actually be a great benefit to your nails. The application process and the removal processes play a huge part in long lasting nail health. Applied properly, a gel manicure can act as a shield for your nails allowing them to grow without breaking. Removed properly, there will be no damage to the nail. 

Now, one of the biggest thing is products. There are products out there that you should definitely avoid. When you go to a nail salon, chances are you’ll see different options: 

  • gel (bio gel & solargel included)
  • acrylic
  • dip

First, dip and acrylic are the same. Acrylic is activated by monomer (dipping a brush into liquid and then powder) and dip is activated by the base and top coats that go with that system. There is science behind nail products! The main ingredient you want to avoid is something called MMA - Methyl Methacrylate. This stuff is bad. It was used back in the 70s but had never been approved for cosmetic use. To keep it simple, it is acrylic, but it is used as a dental acrylic to make dentures and other appliances as it is very very very hard to break down. You want acrylic that contains EMA - Ethyl Methacrylate. I’ll get into this a different time…

The best thing you can do is find someone you are comfortable with, and is trained and certified to perform manicures from a trusted college. At Tangles, we use the brand CND. If you’ve received a manicure or pedicure from myself or Megan, you’ve seen us use these products. CND is an amazing brand and has spent a lot of time and money researching how they can make their products effective and safe for the natural nail. Nail injuries are no joke! 

A lot of our clients like shellac manicures because they have a guaranteed wear time of 14+ days!  That means there’s no downtime waiting for polish to dry, risk of chipping as soon as you leave the salon, and CND Shellac can only be removed with acetone which means water won’t damage or remove it! 

Top 5 reasons why I love a shellac manicure: 

  1. The possibilities are endless. With hundreds of colours you can change up depending on how you’re feeling, what you’re wearing etc!
  2. Protection. Shellac protects the natural nail. With a 14+ day wear guarantee you can visually see stronger nails. 
  3. The removal. The removal of CND shellac is extremely satisfying for my nerdy nail self. After just minutes of soaking off with acetone, the shellac literally flakes off of the nail leaving a clean untouched nail to restart a new manicure. 
  4. No downtime. I’m impatient. If I have to sit and wait for my nails to try all I can think about is all of the things I could be doing… as soon as your hand comes out of the lamp it’s DRY! 
  5. The ease - it’s not a complete service. For someone who doesn’t like to sit in the chair for a long time, in roughly 45 minutes you can leave with spectacular looking nails!

Nails don’t need to breathe - they’re not alive! Application and removal will make a huge difference in your manicures. 

Tangles offers shellac manicures, and we now have a year worth of shellac! Get 12 shellac manicures for only $300. That’s savings of $168 and enjoy getting your nails done once or twice a month (depending on how often you like to change it up). I hope to see you soon!

Need some you time, but don't have alot of time? Book your shellac in-between your hair colour. Get your nails painted while your hair processes!

Written By: Mariah Martin, Nail Technician

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