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THE TANGLES GROW OFF - Top 5 Tips For Growing Your Hair

5 Tips For Growing Your Hair

Some of the Tangles team members have been having a grow off, to see who could grow their hair the longest... and currently there is a tie!

There is no shortage of fun at our workplace. Krystal and Sharon have been both growing out their hair so they decided to make it a friendly competition.  

Want to know our secrets to long HEALTHY beautiful hair??? 

Top #5 tips on growing out your hair: 

#1 As hair dressers we are always colouring our hair and using heat tools that can dry the hair out if not treated kindly. The Hair Botox Express treatment is amazing!  

The products main ingredient is aminoacid and gives your hair the much love it deserves.

Shampoo and conditioners are a must for cleaning and closing the cuticle of the hair but a hair treatment actually repairs damage. 


  • Restore the damaged Cortex and fill all gaps 
  • Hair becomes fuller and thicker for fine limp hair  
  • Smooth hair and create natural shine 
  • Eliminating frizz 
  • Brings your hair back to life 
  • Reduces tangles and makes hair soft and manageable  


Hair is shampooed with a clarifier to remove any product build up and prepare the hair for the treatment 

Botox express vile is mixed with water and applied all over the hair 

A plastic cap is applied to prevent product from drying out  

Client is placed under a hot dryer for 30 min  

Product is rinsed with some treatment remaining in hair  

Hair is blow-dried straight and flat ironed  

The results will last in the hair for 4-6 weeks  

For the month of March when you book a express hair botox treatment with our Jr hair designer Cece your blowdry is complementary  

#2 Invest in a quality shampoo!! This is a must for anyone trying to grow out their hair or maintaining hair colour.  

I always say you have to wash your hair anyways so may as well shampoo with something that will help towards your hair goals!  

I have fine hair, so volume shampoo is the way to go for me. The Moroccanoil Volume shampoo and conditioner checks all the boxes, keeps my hair super smooth and soft and, plumps up each strand to help me in my styling process. Moroccanoil Volume line transforms and volumize fine hair from lifeless to lively! Moroccanoil is  infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and revitalizing nutrients, including linden bud extract that naturally plumps up hair. As always all of Morocanoil products are colour-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free. 

#3 Don’t forget to get a trim! I know its sounds crazy right?? Trim your hair when you're trying to grow it, but its true! Of course, your hair grows from beneath the scalp and not at the end so trimming it will not affect the growth. Remember the old wives tale about shaving a babies head and the hair will grow back thick and full? Nope that’s not true tale. BUT trimming your dead and split ends before they have time to crawl up the hair shaft is so true. I say to my clients no more then 3 months even if your trying to grow it out to prevent any split ends from rising up the hair shaft cuasing further damage and breakage. I do however believe that your hair grows faster in the summer then winter because we tend to be heathlier and stay more hyderated.

#4 Don’t sleep in pony tails with elastics!! I see many women/girls trying to grow out their hair and they sleep with a tight pony tail every night and when they're visiting my hair dressing chair they complain about breakage. That is one of the first things we ask - were you sleeping with a ponytail. If your hair is a problem at night consider braiding it then the elastic is only on the ends instead of causing damage to the mid shaft of the hair strand.  A great suggestion is invisabobbles that don’t put tension on the hair the same as an elastic would. They come in all kinds of sizes and colours, even scrunchies. If they stretch out they can be heated with a blowdryer or placed in a cup of boiling water and they return to there orignal size. They remove from the hair really easily, don’t cause creases in the hair and, stay in place all day long. 

#5 “Repunsel Rupensel let down your hair!”. Remember being told as a kid to brush your hair 100 times a day and it will grow like Repunsel?? Well Im not sure who has time for that much brushing but, brushing is an important step. Not only does it remove any knots and tangles, it stimulizes the scalp and helps remove debris and build up that may be sitting on the scalp. We love the wet brush detangler. It glides easily thought knots to keep your hair smooth and tangle free.

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