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The newest beauty trends for eyelashes

The newest eyelash beauty trends.  

Let’s compare service and products to find what’s best for you!  


In this blog we are going to take a deep dive into the beauty industry and all the products and services Tangles has to offer for lashes. From the most sought-after trends to the classics and everything in between.  There are many reasons why lash services have become the number one booked spa service!   


 Let’s start with the newest product/service now available at Tangles, Designer Eyelashes!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am. This has come at an absolutely perfect time and I really think this is going to be a huge trend.  Designer lash is brought to us by Social Beauty an eyelash studio that was forced to close down during covid-19 and like many businesses they didn’t miss a beat or give up they reinvented eyelash extensions.  Guest purchase a designer lash kit that includes an applicator a clear or black eyeliner and a magnetic lash strip in a compact all in a beautiful little box. Next a consult is booked with a lash technician this can be done though zoom and effectively make this service contactless.  In case York Region does need to go into a second lock down our clients can still have the lashes of there dreams. In the consult your eye is measured, the design is thoroughly discussed, with consideration of your eye shape and desired results. With eyelash extensions the amount of choices is unlimited with different products to choose from like silk, synthetic, mink and even coloured lashes.  Once the Lash tech has completed applying the extension to your new lashes you can pick up or we can ship to you.  Another bonus of designer lashes is it eliminates some of the challenges with eyelash extensions such as: Spars or missing lashes, allergies to adhesive and guest that would like to achieve a glam effect but don’t have the natural lashes to support them.  None of those challenges are a problem for designer lashes because the extensions are applied to the strip and not to the guest natural lashes.  

The application is easy and takes minutes to do. Megan can give you a lesson and show you a few tricks during your consult for a perfect application.  These lashes truly are unlike any magnetic lashes on the market as they are custom designed just for you!  The regular designer lash kits is $100. We do have a special limited-edition kit that includes both the clear and black liner plus a mirror compact for $110. Also, I highly recommend you purchase the remover. It is an applicator pen with makeup remover that takes any residue off your new lashes and keeps them clean and fresh and ready to wear again.  To launch this new product Tangles has a BIG contest announcement, with your purchase of a designer lash box your name will be entered to win a $200 Tangles gift card!!!!   


Some clients want perfect lashes 24/7 the best service for that result is eyelash extensions applied to their own lashes.  Similar to designer lashes with all the choices and customizations but without any daily maintenance. Clients do need to come to the salon once a month to be re-lashed. Any natural lashes that have shed are reapplied new lashes to the new growth.  With lash extensions you wake up every morning feeling beautiful with perfect lashes and ready to take on the day. This is Tangles signature service at the spa and was the most booked service we offered. Megan went to Paris in 2018 to compete in the world eyelash championships where she placed top 10 for Canada in the classic eyelash extension category.   



Last year a classic lash service was reinvented and has become our second most requested spa service.  Lash lift and tint, when I was a jr. hairdresser I was a model for an aesthetician and the service was then called a lash perm.  This service curls your natural lashes to have a soft upward bend and tints them black at the same time. You leave looking like you have mascara on and the effect last about a month without any maintenance.  We recommend a gentle eye makeup remover like Misencil to help extend the results of your service.   This is approximately a 45-minute appointment time and cost $90.    Watch out for our Waxing Wednesday promo often we include a free eyebrow wax and tint complementary.   


Last but certainly not least, we have lash and brow tinting.  This process is using Refecticil a vegan product that has a variety of shades for customizing brows. Often when I’m tinting lashes, I add a dash of blue/black to the formula to really deepen the intensity of the black. Like all of our beauty brands at Tangles we partner with companies that do not test on animals.  This service is perfect for anyone wanting to darken their lashes & brows especially for ladies who have over plucked or waxed in the past. The Aesthetician will consult and mix a formula suited for the desired results. Typically, the solution sits on and processes for 5-20 minutes and can last up to 6 weeks.  When you select this service, you eliminate the need for mascara every morning because lashes are already black and give the appearance of a thicker and fuller look. You should also use a gentle face wash; our favourite skin care is Eminence organics.  


 Well there you have it, the top lash and brow services and products available at Tangles.  If you’re not sure what is right for you please give us a shout by email or phone, we are always happy to share our expertise with you. You can also visit the salon or shop online for many lash products options.  


 P.S our first ever Tangles beauty box Christmas addition is available in store or online. They have a value of over $350 and are on sale for $100 they include 4 full size products that have been hand selected by staff you don’t want to miss out only 50 available  ! 



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