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The BIG BUZZ.... At the Toronto Esthetic Spa International Show. Hydro-Dermabration

 Tangles spa team members recently attended the Toronto Esthetic Spa International Show in April. 

 Throughout the show floor, the big trend in spa technology is hydro-dermabrasion. 

Every booth had demo facials. Some units were massive in size and had large storage tanks which would be able to hold liters of liquids. While others were compact and very basic.  We visited every booth seeing what each manufacture had to offer and all the features and benefits.  These machines ranged from $1000- $3700 depending on brand name, trainings, marketing, and features.  One demo I watched, there was an older woman (I assumed was a mother of an aesthetician attending the show)  getting a hydro-dermabrasion facial done. I was asking the aesthetician preforming the facial, questions about the equipment she was using and the model about how it felt and when her last facial was.  The model told me she had never had a facial before. As the aesthetician was preforming the facial, I noticed her output water looked like mud. After learning that the aesthetician cleansed her face TWICE before they started, all I could think was wow. I was shocked by the deep cleansing power of this technology.  

If this device was removing that much debris out of her skin and tightening her pores, it was technology that Tangles wanted to add to our spa. I saw another model later that day getting a hydro-dermabrasion facial done by a company called DermaJem who is based out of Florida. This model who I had already met at the Eminence Organic Skin Care booth, was a busy mom of 4 and an aesthetician herself. Tangles head Aesthetician Megan and I watched her facial and asked lots of question.  At the end of her facial, Elizabeth Camacho co-founder of DermaJem, showed us her output jar. It looked like a cloudy day you couldn’t see through her water and when moving the jar with a light against it you could see all these white specks that were dead skin cells and white heads that had been suctioned out of her pores.  The model had clear skin to begin with but when the facial treatment was complete, she was radiant. She had a glow about her and noticeably smoother skin. All I could think of is that feeling that you get after a dental cleaning when you run your tongue across your teeth and they feel so smooth, fresh and clean. I’m sure that’s what the model was experiencing with her hydro-dermabrasion treatment.


Tangles was ready to upgrade our microdermabrasion machine, and partnering with DermaJem was a no brainer. I had already been following them on social media, watching Elizabeth and her team do reels explaining their equipment and all the benefits all while “ busting a move.” Elizabeth told me she has music in her soul and dancing to showcase her equipment, just comes natural to her. I have been following DermaJem on social media and recently saw that their equipment is now being sold at Spavaro which is located in Mississauga. We know the owner Sophie and have always purchased all our spa furniture from them because of their customer service and quality brands.  What’s even more exciting about visiting that booth was meeting Jenn &  Barry. Who are BIG fans of DermaJem #Lipgloss_aftershave. This dynamic duo go around the world testing out beauty products and equipment, attending  spa shows and conferences to provide us with tips, tricks and a thumbs up to all the newest and best equipment. I was fan struck. This duo to me is like Taylor Swift of music, Jenn was kind enough to visit with us and even had time for a fun photo. 

Immediately after purchasing from Spavaro we received a link to DermJem-University Online. Where myself and the spa staff took an online training course. Once the quizzes were completed, we booked a live training class with the team and instructor

How does Hydro- Dermabrasion work ??

It’s a trifecta of technology.

  1. Suction that simulates lymphatic drainage, deeply cleans skin surface and within the pores to remove black heads whiteheads dry or dead skin and any dirt and debris.  
  1. Same technology we have with microdermabrasion that scuffs off the outer layer of the skin revealing fresh new softer skin with a diamond tip hand piece. 
  1. The hydro part of the technology infuses customized serum into the skin giving it deep nourishments it needs.  

Next an oxygen mist is sprayed onto the skin to sooth any irritation and kick out any bacteria that may be hanging out within the pores.  

This gentle but powerful technology will give you the skin you have dreamed of. You will leave glowing and radiant with an instant anti-aging effect.  

What can hydro-dermabrasion do for my skin?

*Deep cleanses the skin 

*Improves skin texture  

*Deeply hydrates. 

*Diminishes fine lines  

*Smoother softer skin  

*Reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation

I mean what does this technology not do??  

Who is the right candidate for Hydro-dermabrasion??


It is safe for all skin types, as there are many customization options like selecting from the 12 tips that are included and the variety of suction power on the device as well as customizing the serum. With any facial treatment there are some people who may not be fit for  

*If a client is on cancer treatments or certain immune suppressants it would be best to wait 6 months after treatment  

* Severe rosacea (this skin would be best suited for a facial rejuvenation with laser technology) 

* Recent sunburn or lesions best to wait for the skin to heal  

* Active acne with current broken skin.  If we can avoid active area of face for a hydro-dermabration facial it would be ideal to add high frequency to eliminate bacteria and further sooth the skin after a treatment and home care Intel we can treat the whole face 

We are in love with our new technology from DermaJem our device is called the Element and we cant wait to give our clients a treatment that will leave them looking and feeling there best! 

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