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Tangles 20th Anniversary Celebration

une 5th Tangles hosted a 20 year anniversary event.  We sold tickets for $20 half went to a product credit the night of the event and half was a donation to Southlake Cancer centre.

Throughout the 20 years Tangles has always focused on our values of community and giving back. That night we had great food, raffle prizes, and sample products and services. Including demo’s of our brand new technology to the spa our hydro dermabrasion machine.  Town councillors, honourable MPP Scot Davidson & Mp Carolyn Mulroney attended, as well as Newmarket today newspaper and Newmarket Chamber of commerce.  We had confetti cannons, photo booth and everyone favourite part of attending events Gift Bags!!! It was a perfect way for us to celebrate 20 years of quality beauty services in our community. That night we were able to donate $1000 to Southlake and we dedicated the money towards the Cancer Centre.


 We have hosted and participated in many events and donated to causes, as well as sponsoring a local sports team every year. Southlake will always have a special place of gratitude in my heart. My mother was first treated for lymphoma at Southlake then later had a stem cell transplant at Princes Margret she received exceptional care and now those days are only a memory in the past.  I recently posted a photo on Facebook of her and my  3 year old daughter the caption said “ There was a time when we were unsure that moments like this would ever happen. And now I’m living my most beautiful life”.   My favourite charity has always been Southlake Hospital and in particular the Cancer Centre because I have seen first-hand the quality of care and difference cancer care close to home means for those effected.


 In 2008 Tangles hosted the first East Gwillimbury Women’s show this event was similar to a home show but with products and services geared towards women.  The shows were hosted every other year and to date Tangles has been able to donates over $100,000 to Southlake with The East Gwillimbury Women’s Show events.   Celebrating 20 years was special in so many ways. We were lucky to survive Covid lockdowns (9 full months of not being allowed to open) that itself is an accomplishment worth mentioning.  Year after year growth of Tangles has grown adding more staff more space and continuing to offer new services to reflect the demand of our community. Tangles has been able to employ local staff that thrive and make Tangles a career, one staff member has been with us coming up on 10 years another 9 years.  I often say in my Who Gives… East Gwillimbury articles that I truly believe everyone can do something to give back. And that something is different for everyone. Tangles has given me the opportunity to give back in ways I never would have dreamed of. The money we have been able to donate is making a real difference in the lives of patience with cancer getting treatments at Southlake. We have purchased vital sign monitors and other vital equipment being used every day.  Of course for the show to be successful there needs to be over 50 local businesses people who are committed both to providing services or goods to women and to giving back in this way to the community. Over 300 local women came to each of these events and participated helping us raise the funds. To me the key to a successful event is it must be a win win for everyone involved. 

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