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Paraffin... Lend us a hand, or foot!

When we think of paraffin wax, we think of candles… well, were here to tell you that to obsession you had when you were little with putting candle wax on your fingers and peeling it off is now considered a treatment! A paraffin treatment is exactly what it sounds like… your hands and/or feet are submerged into the wax and left to absorb all of the goodness within the wax itself. 

 Initially, paraffin was used to help treat burns back in WW1. The combination was created by French physician Edmond Barthe de Sandfort who mixed the paraffin wax with oil of amber resin. Throughout this experimentation, it was discovered that paraffin was not only help treat the burns of his patients, but it was allowing them to relieve pain, and other skin complaints that the patients had. 

 Now… I know you’re thinking… how on earth did this become a beauty trend? Well, here it goes… Physicians, and therapists heard of this wild new way of helping relieve pain and eventually the beauty industry took hold bringing us to the addition of paraffin treatments at spas. 

 Today, spa/medical esthicians, and other trained professionals are using this amazing treatment to help promote hand and foot skin health.  

 The wax that you’ll find in salon’s & spas today is petroleum based and is warmed to 53 degrees Celsius. Plus, they’ve added amazing scents. 

 At Tangles we do things a little differently… the typical paraffin treatments have the client dip their hands/feet into the paraffin, however at Tangles we have removed that step completely and made it more personalized. The wax is melted into bags which are then placed on either the hands or feet, allowing the wax to only make skin contact once. The wax sets for 5-10 min and when removed your skin is "baby bum soft" honestly you want to try this treatment.  

Aside from being super relaxing and warm paraffin also has major benefits

+ increase blood flow

+ relax muscles

+ decrease joint stiffness

+ reduce inflammation 

+ leaves the skin soft & makes working with hangnails and calluses easier

+ reduce joint pain from arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle spasms

 These all sound amazing right? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a self care moment and be pain free for a little bit. Plus, in the cold winter months, the paraffin treatments feel amazing for warming up your hands and feet.

There is a small bit of criteria for those who shouldn’t receive a paraffin treatment... If you have

+ Broken skin

+ Warts

+ Cuts

+ Athlete’s foot

+ Irritated eczema or psoriasis

+ In the middle of a flare up from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions

 Don’t let this stop you! Keeping up with regular manicures & pedicures helps decrease all of the superficial boundaries. 

What we use:
We use Eco-fin, eco-friendly paraffin alternative. It is made from 100% natural emollients & pure essential oils. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s people friendly, biodegradable, no paraffin/petroleum products, no synthetic fragrances, and no chemical dyes.  

All treatments are single use, so once it’s been on your fingers or toes its thrown away! This eliminates cross-contamination.

Testimonials: Our staff LOVE paraffin. After working with your hands all day, and standing on your feet, a paraffin treatment is just the right service. You can combine it with any service enhancing your experience. The way it leaves your skin in the cold winter months are really our favourite… Who doesn’t like being warm and toasty.


Written by: Mariah Martin: Nail tech specializing in creative nail designs 


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