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Back to work... time saving beauty tips!!

As Ontario employees go back to the office after working from home for so long, I thought this would be the perfect time to give you my top back-to-work (in person) beauty tips!

If you are anything like me, a busy mom of 2 little people, entrepreneur, and a wife, there is never enough time in a day. I usually have 30 minutes to myself if I’m lucky in the morning. Want to know my top #10 beauty secrets? 

  1. Just like I plan my outfit the night before I also plan out my hair and makeup, and take a quick look that I have everything I need. Nothing worse than running around the house looking for an essential item.
  1. Minimize blow-dry time! All the long locks ladies know the sitcoms jokes about turning down a date because it’s hair wash night. There is some element of truth with my long hair it can take up to an hour to dry and style. I try to only wash my hair every 3 days and have a routine: day 1 hair down, day 2 refresh style, day 3 braid or up style. Dry shampoo is a must for every busy woman and long-haired ladies. My fav is by Moroccanoil. It comes in both light and dark depending on your hair shade. Moroccanoil also just launched a body and hair mist. If your hair needs a refreshing smell the spray is the signature original Moroccanoil scent that everyone loves. The original smell is a fan favourite at Tangles. One more tip for keeping your hair lasting a few days is a shower cap. No not the typical flimsy plastic ones that come in a little box at a hotel. We now have modern shower chaps with feminine designs and terry cloth lined they will keep your hair dry and humidity out while you are in the shower. 
  1. Have you tried washing your hair at night? There is this awesome new hair tool called "heatless curlers”. It's a piece of cylinder shape foam covered with a silk or satin sleeve shaped like a large U. They can be found all over Etsy. You wrap your hair around it when it is slightly damp and sleep with it. I recommend adding a volumizer styling product like Moroccanoil Volume Mouse. In the morning you take out the curler and you have created soft waves effortlessly. It’s been a top hair hack on Instagram and TikTok. What I like most about it is that it works great and doesn't add any more time to your day. I almost always wash my hair at night and sleep with a towel on my pillow to help absorb the moisture and reduce my dry time in the morning. Another great idea is using a silk or satin pillowcase this will stop bed head and you’ll wake up only needing to touch up your style. 
  1. WOW Dream Coat is an incredible product! It comes in either curly or straight depending on your hair. When applied to damp hair then dried it gives the hair incredible humidity protection and even lasts up to 3 shampoos… Talk about the longevity of a product. It will keep your blow-dry style lasting longer by repelling any moisture away. If you havnt tried this product ask your stylist about Wow Dream Coat at your next appointment.
  1. I call myself a lazy beauty girl, but if you have ever met me, you would know I don’t have a lazy bone in my body. I try to find ways to combine beauty steps and how to make my beauty routines faster. It’s a well-known beauty fact that everyone should be wearing SPF every day, not just in hot summer months. Did you know even office lighting can damage your skin if not protected. I use Eminence Organic Skincare Tropical Vanilla Day Cream with SPF40.  Its a all natural mineral sunscreen that smells incredible. I have dry skin, a quality moisturizer is a must every day so using a moisturizer that has SPF is a 2-in-1 step for me . The same goes for makeup I use tinted primer (also contains zinc: natures sunscreen). At Tangles we use Glo Skin Beauty makeup. My favourite product is the tinted primer it comes in fair, light, medium, and dark . You only need to use the size of a pea and the product feels like butter on the skin. Most days I don’t even use a foundation because I get enough coverage from this primer.
  1. Maintaining your hair colour and cuts! If you're not having a good hair day, you're not having a good day! Your stylist should recommend when you need to prebook your next appointment to have perfect hair all year long. Having regular cuts makes a big difference in how well your hair styles and the condition of your hair. Most hair cuts and colours are best to be booked 4-6 or 8 weeks out. Some colour services like balayage can last longer and create further apart appointments.
  1. Love your natural hair texture! I always recommend that everyone should book a style like a pro, blow-dry lesson. Its a 30 min appointment that you learn how to create the latest hair trends. We show you tips and tricks on how to use your natural hair texture. Using your natural texture will not only save you time but fewer heat tools will reduce split ends and breakage. Tangles also offers makeup like a pro lessons. Makeup lessons are great to book seasonally when skin tons and trends change. Its a great time to evaluate your makeup bag see what needs to be tossed and replaced and what classic products that can be used in all 4 seasons. Not a fan of natural texture? Tangles is introducing Hair Botox! The treatment is Formaldehyde + Harsh Chemical free, reduces/eliminates frizz and adds shine! Were booking complementary consults for you to see what Hair Botox can do for you.
  1. Aint no shame in the ponytail game! Step up a simple pony tail by using an invisibobble. These little miracles are a must for any medium or long hair - the styles are limitless. They come in original that looks like an old-school phone cord, scrunchies in different patterns, and even nano, a mini version perfect for the end of a braid. Not only do they hold and secure a ponytail without going saggy throughout the day, they also don’t break or cause any damage since there is no constant tension on the hair like typical ponytail elastics. An invisibobble will slide out of the hair with ease even in fine or curly hair. If that wasn’t enough great features, it’s also a little bit of magic because after many uses if the invisibobble gets stretched out you simply put it into a bowl of boiling water or heat with a blow dryer and it will return to its original shape!
  1. Healthy hair is happy hair keeping your hair healthy and not fighting with broken ends and frizz is a huge time saver. I always say the most important product for the health of your hair is your shampoo. Look for sulfate and paraben free. Most poor-quality shampoo PH unbalanced for the hair and it ends up opening the cuticle so far that no amount of conditioner can close it, making tangled hair and condition to break. Pick a shampoo that has your goals in mind if you have fine limp hair try Moroccanoil Volume shampoo and conditioner, if your hair is frizzy try out the Moroccanoil smooth. Selecting the correct shampoo will save you time styling your hair and is the foundation for any good blow-dry. You have to wash your hair anyways may as well be with something that will help you towards your hair goals.
  1. Braids are one of my go-to hairstyles that work for every hair texture. For fine hair, you can create volume by pulling the hair in the braid out to make a thicker fuller look. For someone who has a whole lot of hair, braids can reduce the volume and be an anchor to hold hair accessories in place. I have a few braid styles I love that take minutes to do but look like I just left the salon. I create a wrap-around braid (a.k.a crown braid) I take to create 2 ponytails low on my nape like pigtails. Then I make a hole in the base of the pony tail and put a scarf through I do that to both sides. I then do a simple 3 strand braid with 2 strands of my hair and the scarf as the 3rd piece then elastic the bottom. When I'm done on both sides, I pull the braid to the top of my head and tie a bow. I may add one or 2 bobby pins to secure or a may not even need any at all. On other days I will side part and start my braid at the fuller side giving myself a half head braid that I tuck under the downside or continue to braid and leave with a side braided pony tail. The styles with braids are really limitless.


Hope you enjoyed my top 10 beauty tips for more beauty advice book an appointment with a member of the Tangles team. We are always happy to share our expert advice tips and tricks to make morning beauty routines easier.


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