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Beauty During Covid

Everyone’s life situation with covid is very different but one thing for sure all of our lives have been interrupted. For most of us, our usual beauty regimes have been changed and adapted. Tangles was closed for 3 months at that time we had canceled over 900 appointments. Some people attempted home haircuts and colour some waited for us to be open and booked an extended root appointment. Some clients took it as an opportunity to grow out their natural grey hair since the covid closure. We asked our clients to wait for the closure to be over so that we could once again book in a hair colour services. This is a poem I read from a famous hairdresser I admire Robert Cromeans and his beautiful wife Mary. Our salon being closed for 3 months was very difficult, but it was a sacrifice we made to keep our client’s staff and community safe.  
Tangles did what we could to support our clients with their beauty during the closure by creating an online store and offered curbside pick-up and delivery options.  We also created home beauty in a bag kits that were really popular: Shellac when were back,  facial in a bag, all I need is lashes and a mother’s day gift bag. We teamed up with the Newmarket Chamber of commerce and Fan save to offer an online gift card contest. When 50 $50 gift cards were purchased Tangles held a draw for a year worth of hair colour services!!! The clients that had supported Tangles during the closure by purchasing a gift card were offered the first appointment spots once we reopened.  
The top purchased items on our web site during the closure are:
WOWCOLOR root touch up: This is such a cool product, it looks like an eyeshadow pallet but matches your hair colour. It comes with a double-sided brush that you use to brush the colour onto your roots. It can be used as full coverage or you can even brush on to touch up outgrown highlights.  This is a great link that shows the 3 main ways to use and apply the Wow root touch up product  This product helped our clients who are essential workers that needed to go to work every day a way to hide their roots intel there could get an appointment.     
This is what one of our clients review about the root touch up.
“So great to have my favorite salon open again. I felt safe in both my hairstylists chair and in the esthetics chair, and as always came out looking and feeling great. Thanks, Sharon. Thanks, Megan. BTW, they also now sell WOW hair care. The WOW root touch up is the best out there and saved me during the COVID months. Well worth the price.  Rachael from  Georgina Ontario
Click here to purchase a Wow root touch up in your  hair colour. 
A new trend with covid that some women have been trying is to grow out their natural grey roots.  This is a BIG decision but is it right for you ?? The first step if you are considering growing out your natural hair is to book a consultation with a hair colour expert. Once you book the appointment take some time to think about it whether this is the right choice for you.
 Some of the questions that will be asked:
When did your own mother stop colouring her hair and what is her hair like now? This may give you some insight into what your grey will be like
Lifestyle are you ready to embraces a mature look? You may want to talk with your family and friends and get there impute
What is the texture of your grey strands? Are they course wiry with a kink and curl or are they smooth and soft?
What is the current hair colour, style, and condition of your hair? If you have been colouring your hair black for many years it will be a much different process, then if you have been highlighting your hair and already blending in greys.  If your hair is mid-back length and course compared to short the process will be very different.
During the consult, you should leave knowing a few options and the process as well as maintenance to get you to your goal. Most women would start with toning highlights to an ash shade so that it starts to blend with the natural greys that are growing in. The challenge with this first step is that ash/silver/matt tonners fade with shampooing and when hair is dry it fades golden. There are some great home products to keep toners lasting longer and hair looking golden.
Moroccanoil Blond Perfect Shampoo is one of the newest products from Moroccanoil and it is a fan fav at Tangles the purple colour neutralizes any golden tones and keeps blond and grey strands looking cool and ashy.
Schwarzkopf Professional has launched some new home mask colour treatments. The granite shade has an anti-orange effect on dark blond hair colour and leaves the hair hydrated and looking matt.  This treatment is a semi-permanent colour mask that went left on for at least 3 minutes can last up to 15 shampoos. This can be a  great home option for helping blend natural grey roots with previous coloured hair
There is so many options for growing out natural hair colour and most often it takes a series of appointments and home maintenance to reach that hair goal. The hair designers at Tangles can help you every step of the way and help you select the best option for you.
Maskne is the biggest skincare problem during the pandemic. Maskne is a new term referring to acne in the area of the face that a mask would cover, around the nose, chin, and cheeks. The condition is caused by Irritating fabrics that don’t breathe, reusing a mask without washing, makeup, and other debris staying in contact with the skin.  I have a full blog dedicated to this current beauty challenge check it out  Maskne Blog.  A brand-new product by Eminence Organic Skincare is Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser. Most of us recognize the ingredient charcoal in other popular beauty products, best known for its deep clean effects.  This product is a supercharged purifying, exfoliating cleanser that washes away impurities and will reveal a balanced complexion.  Another main ingredient is peppermint that leaves a refreshing and cool sensation on the skin. This is a must-try product for anyone suffering from Maskne and Tangles has samples to take home and try out with your usual beauty routine. I would also highly recommend booking an appointment at the spa for a skincare consult to review your skincare habits and lifestyle. We can offer suggestions as well as recommend facial services that will target the problems wearing a mask for long periods of time have caused.
Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty services and with everyone wearing a mask even more reason to make a statement with your eyes.  Our lash tech Megan went to Paris for the World Eyelash Championships in 2018 and placed top 10 in Canada for classic division.  Whether you choose a natural set of lashes using soft mink lashes or a dramatic look with flair using synthetic lashes you will love the benefits of having extensions.  Top reasons our clients say they love lash extensions
- No or little makeup required this will also help with maskne
- Having  more time in the morning no need for mascara when your lashes are darker longer and already curled
- More sleep……. LASH NAP anyone?? The initial application takes an hour and a half you will need to keep your eyes closed and I always recommend wearing comfy clothes, a perfect environment for a nap.
- Our clients say that lashed increase their confidence and they  feel naturally beautiful
- They notice their eyes pop!  looking bigger and  brighter
- I have heard a client say they get lashes so they are always selfie-ready
Do you have a beauty question? Let the beauty experts at Tangles make you look and feel the most beautiful version of you!

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  • I think these products are best to buy during this time. I really liked the suggestion on eyelash extensions and I am planning to order magnetic eyelash extensions ( as these are easy to put and use. Eyes pop bigger and look great. That is true. For the skin the charcoal exfoliating gel is a good recommendation. I am ordering these now. Thanks.

    Magnetic Eyelashes Extension
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