Vanessa Macri (Lead Hair Designer)

T: 12-8
W: 1-8
T: 10-8
F: 9-5
S: 9-4

About Me:
I graduated from The Hair Company in 2018, and have been a licensed hairdresser since October 2020.

I specialize in Balayage, but am so versatile in many other techniques.

As someone who has curly hair, I understand the struggles clients face when trying to find a stylist who understand their hair. Problems such as frizz & humidity control, avoiding triangle shaped haircut, dryness and tangles. All common problems I work with my clients everyday to manage. One of my favourite techniques to style curly hair is using a denman brush to soften and define natural curls.

You can be confident I will understand your curly hair needs.

Hair is what I love doing and I take pride in my work.

Influences And Inspirations:
I get alot of my influence from instagram and online classes. Seeing the work other people do really inspires me to create and put my own twist on certain looks. It allows me to customize the colour and cut for each person. 

I also do online classes. I love constantly learning and improving what I do. Recently earned my Master of Balayage, certificate.

Most Valuable Tool:
Curling iron - I can add depth to hair with painting, but curling the hair really brings everything to life and shows off my work!

Favorite Technique:
Balayage, hands down. It's what I specialize in. I love hand painting the hair. and the ribbon effect that the balayage technique creates.

Most Admired Hairstylist:
Larisa Doll. Definitely an all time favourite. I love her work. 

Favorite Product:
Moroccanoil Perfect Defense. It's definitely an essential for anyone that uses heat on their hair. Not only does it smell amazing, but it protects your hair!

Greatest Achievements:
Definitely seeing my clients leave my chair with a beautiful smile on their face!

What My Clients Say About Me:
I have been called a "hair magician" once or twice. I'm a great listener, always taking in everything my clients telling me. They feel comfortable while their in my chair. I've also been told i'm really friendly!