Mariah (Nail Technician)


About Me:

            I graduated from York University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Communication Studies. After graduating, I had my son and I focused on family life. In 2019, I decided to try and enter the work force. Thats when I was told about a job opening at Tangles. Living in Holland Landing, I loved how close it was. I started with Tangles as the Receptionist/Assistant in July 2020 and it is a perfect fit.I can utilize my communication skills to help with salon marketing and building my clientele. 

            I fell in love with the salon, and shared with Sharon that I have a passion for nails. I have been doing my own nails since I was 14, and have loved it ever since. However, I did not think I could make a career out of it. I was completely wrong. I got the opportunity to attend Bryan College where I graduated with certifications in Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, and Nail Technician. December 2020 I was promoted to Tangles first Nail Technician. Due to this, we were able to offer new services such as nail enhancements to existing and new Tangles clients!

            A big part about what I do as a Nail Technician is education. The proper process of application, and removal is a big part of why I ultimately decided to follow my dreams. Eliminating the stigma around nail salon horror stories is why I am constantly updating my own knowledge, and informing my clients the proper way to care for their nails. The fun part of what I do are the designs. I LOVE when a client brings in a photo of a fresh set they want done - I love challenging myself. The options for nails are endless... Trust me you can be there for a while deciding on a colour! On top of that, you can find me around the salon, or even at the front desk handing check in’s, and cashing out. Don’t forget to prebook!!

My goal is for whoever sits down for a service with me to feel comfortable, enjoy their time, not be afraid to ask questions, and ultimately love their service. Having your nails done is such a small luxury that can instantly give you confidence, make you feel your best, or even complete an outfit. Each service I provide is tailored to whatever the client’s needs, and concerns are. The process of building a nail is especially unique to clients and every finger is different, and although the processes are the same, the end result is totally unique to the client. 

Favourite Tool:
Salon: Our spray gun that we use to disinfect the salon. Not only does it make cleaning and sanitizing super quick... I feel like I belong in the Ghostbusters!

Nails: Gel. I love sculpting a nail, and really customizing it.

Favourite Technique:
Building and sculpting a nail with gel. It allows me to customize every nail to fit the client perfectly.

Most influential person:
Suzie from “Nail Career Education”. Not only is she Canadian, she has everything from beginners or pros to learn. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram.

Favourite product:
Glossy top coat. Not only does it mean you’re done and can seal in the design, it makes it pop and people can really see how gorgeous their nails are! Also... anything neon or glitter... Who doesn’t like glitter?

Greatest Achievements:
Putting myself through 4 years of University despite encountering 2 strikes, earning my degree with honours from the comfort of my home all while almost 20 weeks pregnant!

I've also completed the training for CND Plexigel.