Kaileah Auciello (Lead Hair Stylist)

My Regular Hours
M - N/A
T- 12pm - 8pm
W - 12pm - 8pm
T - 12pm - 8pm
F - 11am - 5pm
S - 9am - 4pm
S -  N/A
Began Styling: 

Influences and Inspirations:
From a young age I was always interested in hair.

Favorite Hair Types:
I love working with fine/medium textured hair.

Most Valuable Tool: 
My Flatiron.

Favorite Technique: 

Most Admired Hairstylist:
Guy Tang. He is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hair stylist who runs hair, beauty, fitness and lifestyle YouTube channels. 

Favorite Product:
Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick. 

Greatest Achievements:
My Clientele.

What My Clients Say About Me:
I can read their mind, I always know what they want! I am a very patient and happy person. I always want my clients to be happy to!